“Made In America” Still Rings True For Hollywood Prop Makers
While Manufacturing Dollars Go To Foreign Countries, One Specialized Industry Is Thriving

Los Angeles - October 20, 2011 – As more manufacturing is moving offshore and “Made In America” is rare to find, Hollywood artisans are still hard at work on American soil making props for movies and television shows.  The lost art of being able to make anything one can imagine hasn’t been lost to foreign competitors. 

“We’re proud to be still standing after 15 years in this business with the large flow of manufacturing that has moved to other countries in the last two decades,” said Andrew Menschik of Custom Prop Shop, a Hollywood-based, prop-making company.  “Not only is it important for our economy, but also for the knowledge base of our country.  We need people who can build things, think outside the box and figure out problems.”

Manufacturing jobs are essential for the strength of America.  One study by the University of Michigan shows for each manufacturing job, more than six spin-off jobs are created.  And manufacturing jobs average more in pay as well.  According to the National Association of Manufacturers, in 2008 the average manufacturer worker made $14,000 more each year than those in non-manufacturing jobs. 

“Our industry is actually improving and as that happens we’re able to hire more and more people.  American painters, wood workers, artists and other craftsmen are able to benefit from the work we do,” said Menschik.  “As our country struggles to keep people employed, we’re excited that we get to do our part in keeping manufacturing going in the U.S.” 

Custom Prop Shop has used its unique skills to build custom props for Hollywood movies and television shows.  Recently they built an 18 foot-high replica of the Eiffel Tower for an event in Las Vegas.  The company also keeps their artisans employed building sets, signs, mechanical effects and miniatures.  Depending on the job, they may have to employ construction workers, masons, carpenters, painters and welders. 

“We enjoy what we do but we enjoy it even more because we get to keep “Made In America” alive and well and growing in Hollywood.”


About Custom Prop Shop

Custom Prop Shop ( has been making custom props, sets, signs, mechanical effects and miniatures for the last 15 years.  Clients include Disney, Nike, Honda, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.  Based out of Los Angeles, the company custom builds all props from scratch and can build on-site or design for shipment.  Their motto:  If you can imagine it, we can build it. 



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